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The Method

The benefits of Shiva Dhyan Yoga breath meditation from Himalaya may include:

•release stress, negative emotions & mental tensions

•enhance mental concentration & awaken your awareness

•increase productivity & effectiveness

•center yourself & find a balance in yourself

•be in the present - focus on the present to work and win / be successful

•feel deepest relaxation, emotional & mental well-being

•navigate through challenging situations with equanimity & ease

•reinforce trust in yourself

•play in time, for time and on time all the time

•increase self-awareness and self-realization

•build skills to manage your work, to create, continue & complete

•gain a new perspective on stressful situations: move form problem to possibility

•clear away fear, doubt & unwanted overload of information that builds up every day and contributes to stress and inner tension

On international level meditation is a tool which is more and more utilized by global leaders to remain focused and concentrated in a dynamic corporate environment to increase their performance and productivity in a state of well-being.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga is an experiential meditation method and to comprehend it fully one needs to practice it. Shiva Dhyan Yoga comprises various Himalayan breath meditations and represents a tool to master the mind and restore mental peace. These meditations can be practiced at any moment and especially in the challenging situations of the daily life.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations are particularly effective to attain peace and clarity of mind. It is a powerful method from Himalaya to keep a balance in a fast-paced environment, to enhance concentration and the consciousness. These soft breath meditations open up a space in us for contentment, fulfillment, creativity and the sense of being harmoniously connected with ourselves, with our environment, with our colleagues, our family, our clients, our friends and society as a whole.

With this ancient method you learn how to master your thoughts with an increased awareness instead of being under the control of your mind. This leads to peace of mind, release of stress, profound relaxation and a general well-being.

With strengthened focus gained through the regular practice of Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation, it is possible to aim, aspire and achieve the goals and manage challenging situations in the daily life better.

The Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations remove problems and conflicts which may produce the feeling of stress on the mind and open up an inner space for the creativity and to be able to see new possibilities. When the mind is silent, one starts being in the present, being aware.

The Meaning

SHIVA means 

S= Synergy with one’s self, the inner nature

H= Harmony for humanity and being in harmony with the world outside of us

I= Innovation & Inspiration & Interreligiosity

V= Vast & Variety

A= Acceptance & Awakening of the awareness

Observing the breath, you become witness, entering the meditation which means in Sanskrit Dhyan. You take a breath, you center yourself and get back to yourself. You make the experience of Yoga, which is Sanskrit and means becoming one with your Self, with the essence inside of you.

The Origin

Meditation is an ancient method, which has been practiced by Masters in Himalaya to help understand the forces of life. Nowadays meditation is commonly used for relaxation, enhancing concentration, calming the mind and stress reduction and its positive impact on the mind has been widely recognized.

The Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation method has been founded by the Himalayan Master Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar after having been trained by 21 Himalayan Masters since early childhood.

Shiva Dhyan Yoga takes its origins in Himalaya where Shiva imparted these breath techniques to Shakti who has thereafter transmitted the knowledge to the sages in Himalaya. This ancient knowledge was reserved to a limited number of people and is nowadays becoming accessible to the people living in the modern world who can benefit from it. Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar has trained Katrin Suter who is also known as Shivani Himalaya during several years in Himalaya and in India to be able to teach this meditation method especially in the West and also in corporates.

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