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Corporate Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditation is an experiential learning method which makes you master over your mind and gives you back to yourself.
From mental tensions to peace of mind: get back to yourself and gain inner freedom to be who you are and the power to create.
Experience an awakening of awareness & empowerment to live the life you love and love the life you live.

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What I liked most is the possibility to take time for myself, to relax from the everyday queries and agitation. As the majority of people who run a lot everywhere,  I have difficulty to be quiet, to  concentrate and to sit still without thinking about things to do and analyzing the past and future probable events with anxiety. I understand that this meditation is exactly  aimed to find the true self, to relax, to disconnect for a moment from the outer world and to find or to return to one’s inner sources of energy and peace.

Corporate Professional, La Défense, Paris

I think that 1 hour in everyday busy life of Corporate Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation is a bit of “luxury”, but it can add to develop more harmonious relalations, help cope with the everyday’s stress and it would be a benefit for the working climate.

Corporate Professional, La Défense, Paris

I have felt peace and was totally relaxed. This moment of breath grounded me back to Earth and at the same time it has given me expansion to the sky and to the others.

Professional, Paris

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